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Hounslow Council - Interim Inward Investment and Place Marketing Consultancy

Nov 2013 – April 2014

Lisa Sharp, was initially commissioned to introduce a new inward investment function to promote the borough and attract developers, investors and businesses to relocate to the London Borough of Hounslow.

Her role included developing the strategy and producing marketing materials about the borough, organising tours, supporting the Council’s attendance and place marketing for MIPIM, and designing and developing an inward investment website in time for a successful launch at MIPIM 2014. The timelines were very short to commission, design and develop a successful inward investment website, and so with less than 4 months to complete it, Lisa was keen to ensure she engaged effectively with internal and external stakeholders to obtain information and buy in.  She used her knowledge and experience of project management, and her ability to extract the information, collate it, find themes and gain insight.

In addition to leading on the website development on time and in budget, she delivered other aspects of place marketing and inward investment, including producing a brochure to promote available sites for development (Opportunity Hounslow) and a strategy brochure to promote the Borough’s aspirations to the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEAP). Lisa supported the Local Authority and partner delegates to attend MIPIM, including working with 3Fox International to ensure that all aspects of MIPIM 2014, and the associated Great West Magazine, were successful.

April 2014 - April 2016

Lisa then went on to recruit, form and lead the Economic Development and Regeneration team with a focus on inward investment, place marketing (including tourism) and town centre regeneration.  Lisa developed strategies, action plans and the new team through transition.

Lisa and the team successfully delivered a range of interventions to support the local economy including commissioning in-depth sector research to inform strategy; developing a regeneration and economic development strategy; arranging events and tours to promote the borough; hosting representatives from the Local Enterprise Partnership (LEAP); delivering New Homes Bonus town centre regeneration;  business support programmes; town centre management; and, inward investment, tourism and place marketing including supporting delivery of MIPIM annually and delivering  a range of events to promote the borough during Rugby World Cup 2015.

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